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About Us


Djialy Kunda Kouyate

Our History

Assane and Ousseynou Kouyate were born and raised in Senegal, West Africa, of a family line originating in Mali.  The twins are singers, historians and master dance instructors, descending from a long line of Griots, known in their native Wolof language as Djialys (Jelis).  They have been singing, dancing and performing professionally since the age of thirteen.


The Kouyate twins were dancers/choreographers with the National Ballet of Senegal and the Sinomew Ballet of Senegal.  They danced professional with both ballets for over 9 years totaled, touring internationally throughout South and North America, Europe, Africa and Taiwan.  As teachers, they have conducted workshops in Africa, Europe and the United States, taking great pride and care as they instruct students and audiences worldwide in their exuberant and precious cultural heritage.

Cd Release "Sekhou Senegal"
The Return to Senegal

The twins have worked very hard to write, produce and sing lead vocals on their cd.  This has been a long and hard working experience but it has been the best.
The cd has a total of ten tracks-along with the fantastic music of all the band members:
Mohammad Kouyate, Guinea - Balaphone
Ze Manel, Guinea Bissau-Bass
Riche Faye, Senegal - Djiembe/Sabar
Ben Issac, USA-Tama, Guitar
Frances Lacsamana, Philippines - Bass
Steve Carter, USA - Keyboard
Daniel Berkman - USA - Guitar
Chris Brague - USA - Drum Set
Fela-Cote d'Ivory- Vocals on Mohanana and Gambia
CD's can be purchased for $15.00. email:

Weekly Dance Class
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