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African Groups around the globe

Kankouran West African Dance Company (Washington, DC) - Kankourans mission is to preserve and perpetuate traditional West African culture by providing quality entertainment and education to our local and national audiences in an effort to facilitate cultural enrichment and to foster a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, African life.

Ksunga African Dance (Cleveland, Ohio) - Ksunga was formed in 2001 showcasing african dance from all parts of the diaspora.

DIAMANO COURA WEST AFRICAN DANCE COMPANY (Oakland, CA) Diamano Coura West African Dance Company is a nonprofit cultural organization dedicated to the preservation, education, and appreciation of traditional West African music, dance, theater, and culture.

MAIMOUNA KEITA  (Brooklyn, NY) - Maimouna Keita is dedicated to preserving and sharing African culture and history with all whom embrace the culture.

AZIZ FAYE (Los Angeles, CA) The artistic director and featured performer of Khaley Neguewel, comes from a long line of master Sabar drummer and dancers. His was a premier performer in Le Ballet Sing Sing Rhythm, both dancing and drumming, and has also performed with the National Ballet of Senegal. To contact Aziz email him at